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Introducing: Coffee Spot Roasters Ltd

Roastery Location: East Sussex

Launch Date: February 2014

Logo: Coffee Spot Roasters Ltd

Banner: Coffee Spot Roasters Ltd

Coffee Beans Available To Order: February 2014

Roasters Brief: We at Coffee Spot Roasters, are an independent artisan coffee roaster based in East Sussex that roast high quality graded origin coffee beans in small 1 kilo batches to ensure the bean character profile and aromas remain intact; we only roast on demand to assure you, our customer, that what you order is 100% FRESH roasted coffee beans.
Coffee Spot Roasters passion is to explore the hidden 'sweet spot' of every Coffee Bean variety we encounter, producing what we hope you'll think as the best quality roast coffee beans in the UK.

We believe by honing our coffee roasting skills using sensory techniques is an art of a real coffee roaster, and to achieve this, we must roast each batch of green coffee beans by hand without the modern requirement of computerized roaster equipment or modifications etc; we equal time and temperature to the progression of colour and aroma, and adjust each roast batch individually according to bean origin and variety to ensure the optimum Coffee Spot taste.

Once coffee roasting conditions have been met, then the roast coffee beans are released into the cooling chamber to cool as quickly as possible, and this locks in the bean's character components which completes the roasting cycle of our Coffee Spot roast.

Degassing the coffee beans begins immediately which will improve the coffee beans overall taste, and will be drinkable within 24 to 48hrs onwards, and providing the whole coffee beans are kept unopened in our one way valve zip locked bags, they may well last up to 30 days+ from the roast date depending on the coffee bean variety roasted, otherwise, once opened, store in a cool dark place in an airtight container and use within 10 days!

We at Coffee Spot Roasters, hope you'll give us a try soon!

Receive the freshest selected flame roasted coffee beans online direct from our East Sussex coffee drum roaster and delivered fast to your home or business!

Click To Enter Coffee Spot Roasters Online Shop